The “Boeing” and the WarThe “Boeing” and the WarThe “Boeing” and the War

The “Boeing” and the War

Sergei Kirichuk
The “Boeing” and the War
“The refusal of peace talks is leading the country to a military, economic and social catastrophe”


Without question, the Malaysian Boeing disaster became an event that may have long-lasting political consequences – and not only for Ukraine. The tragic death of innocent people stirred up public opinion in Ukraine and worldwide. In the first minutes after the accident, all concerned parties were quick to accuse their opponents of the deaths on the airplane. However, unfortunately, the circumstances of the tragedy and the information that is available, leaves more questions than answers on the cause.

The first and most important question is how civil aircraft appeared in the midst of armed conflict? For many days before, the media reported attempts by the rebel militia (successful and unsuccessful) to shoot down planes of the Ukrainian army. This information is well known. Previously, it was also reported that the airspace was closed for civil aviation. Besides this, the Malaysian Airlines plane significantly deviated from its original course – usually flying farther south. The world’s media, quoting Malaysian Airlines, also mentioned that the plane flew lower than usual over the danger zone at the request of the Ukrainian dispatchers. The answers to these questions should be given by an international investigation.

The second major issue is the publication of an alleged Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) radio intercept of certain “terrorist communications,” in which they plan on downing the plan. In the opinion of the author of this article, these communications look like a fabricated fake – but even if they were real, it would cause even more problems for the SBU. It would be as if, that the intelligence could listen to enemy communications, were aware of their plans, and ultimately, did nothing to prevent the tragedy.

However, the worst part is that the tragedy of the innocent victims, is used by the Ukrainian media as a kind of justification for any civilian casualties in the Donbas. The atmosphere of hatred swept the country and even many sensible people, began making warmongering statements. Meanwhile, the exhausted government offensive continued with more vigor – now without any regard for any loss of soldiers of the regular army or among the civilian population. It is the innocent civilians who have become the main victims of war hysteria and reckless new military offensive. The tragedy has been used to declare a new mobilization, and there is no doubt that the Ukrainian parliament, rapidly reformatted after the overthrow, will support the appropriate bill – so as to forcibly mobilize as many citizens as possible in order to fight in Donbas.

Besides this, pro-NATO advocates have received and new excuse to send Western troops into Ukraine. This is extremely important for the “war fraction” – in fact, despite the belligerent statements Cameron and Obama, it must be said that most NATO countries are not willing to get involved in the war. In the context of the events in Afghanistan, Syria and the permanent crisis in Libya, even talk of direct involvement can cause a serious political crisis in Brussels and Washington. Mass protests in Europe and the U.S. against the ground operation in the Gaza Strip revealed that Western public opinion will not accept a military solution to political conflicts. Germany, one of the most important countries in the world political order, is not ready to support military intervention in the crisis in Ukraine, and once again called for a negotiated settlement.

Also of importance is the economic factor – there is not enough money for the war, and for this the government wants to shift the burden of financing it on our shoulders. The Ukrainian government released data according to which the military operation in the east has cost more than 1.5 billion hryvnia (100 million euros) per month, which is a large burden on the Ukrainian budget,  already weak and in the midst of an economic crisis. All this is happening against the backdrop of rampant corruption sweeping the Ministry of Defense and the structures associated with the supplying the government army. A growing number of casualties among Ukrainian soldiers have already caused unrest in Ternopil and other western regions, where despite their initial support for the government, are not ready to be suppliers of “cannon fodder” for the front. There is no doubt that the new mobilization will expand the extent of these protests.

Famous Ukrainian lawyer Tatyana Montyan compared the crisis with the civil war and genocide in Rwanda. Such a comparison may seem excessive to some, but, unfortunately, it seems appropriate – given the fratricidal war is flaring up and strengthening the atmosphere of hatred on both sides of the front.

Unfortunately, the patriotic hysteria that has gripped Ukrainian society does not allow people to take a sober look at the reality of the situation in a country, where there is killing in their name and where they themselves are killed. There will be no Western armies fighting in the east of the country – there will perish Ukrainian soldiers and officers, rebels and civilians. Rejection of peace negotiations is leading the country to a military, economic and social catastrophe. To not see this – is to consciously or unconsciously push the country to ruin.

Sergei Kirichuk

Source: Liva 

(Translated for by Peter Mikhailenko)


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